About KEC


Kangaroo Education Center (KEC) is a learning center that build exclusively to help students in mathematics and programming subjects. The courses that we offered are not being taught in the class but it really helps them to cultivate their mathematical analysis and logical thinking abilities which will be indispensable in the future. We also offering a preparation class for international mathematical competition such as Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC), Olimpiad Matematik Kebangsaan (OMK) and International Math Olympiad (IMO).

This means that the students can advance beyond their school grade level, with our carefully-designed learning material. Students who need more time to learn feel less pressured, while students who excel are given more complex study materials to challenge themselves. This gives every student a boost of confidence in knowing that they are continuously progressing at a pace suitable for their learning ability.

The modules which is developed by our instructors are designed to foster self-learning and independent study, where students are taught to solve problems by themselves. There are sufficient examples and explanations within each worksheet to encourage students to ask and answer questions on their own. When students complete the worksheets, they learn how to set goals, and solve unfamiliar and challenging tasks, developing independence and tenacity in their character.



M. SUHAIMI BIN RAMLY is the managing director of Ardent Educational Consultants Sdn. Bhd. He is also the founder of Kangaroo Math Malaysia, a national movement to promote mathematical education in Malaysia through programmes that involve students, teachers, parents and community members. He is also the national trainer for the International Mathematical Olympiad since 2006. He is the country’s representative to two international organizations, the Association Kangourou sans Frontieres (mathematics) and the Bebras International Organization (informatics). He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA with a degree in mathematics.


MUHAMMAD ZAFREE ZAHARIDAN is a graduate from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia with a degree in Mathematics, with years of training students in Mathematics and C++ programming. He actively gives talk, training and coaching to students all over Malaysia relating to areas including Mathematics Olympiad, Computing Olympiad, International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), and Higher Order Thinking Skills. He is a trainer for the national International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) team and accompanied Malaysian team to IMO 2016 in Hong Kong. He also coaches the UKM teams in Olimpiad Matematik Universiti Awam and ACM-ICPC in 2016.


NOOR FAHMI ZAHARUDDIN MOKTARUDIN is an executive of Ardent Educational Consultants Sdn Bhd and he graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia with a degree in Mathematics. He actively involved in workshop and training related to mathematics and C++ programming. He was invited to more than 70 schools all over Malaysia to give a talk and conducted programs relating to Mathematical Olympiad, Kangaroo Math Competition and Computing Olympiad. He was a representative from Malaysia for International Annual Meeting of the Association Kangourou Sans Frontieres 2016 in Lviv, Ukraine.


MUHAMMAD FAIZ BIN AHMAD ISMAIL is a graduate from Universiti Malaya with a degree in Mathematics. He has participated in the Public University Mathematics Olympiad in 2016 and Olimpiad Matematik Kebangsaan 2009 . He has experience in teaching and involves in mathematics olympiad since 2009. He also currently one of the Kangaroo Math Competition and Beaver Computational Thinking Competition secretariats