Kangaroo Math Workshop: Tawau

This workshop was successfully organised by SMK Tawau and SJKC Yuk Chin with the collaboration of PPD Tawau on 2-4 November 2015. Approximately there were 120 teachers from 50 different school (combining secondary and primary schools together) participated in this workshop. The major objective of the workshop was to share the best method in order to generate a HOTS questions. As most of the teachers were teaching Mathematics and Additional Mathematics at their schools, we focused on generated mathematics related questions guided with methods as been proposed by speaker, Mr. Suhaimi Ramly. Rather than generate it individually, we choosed to combine altogether the questions as we put into KMC Questions Bank. This Questions Bank can be downloaded from our website at any time.

tawau 1


Figure 1 A view throughout the workshop.

tawau 2

Figure 2 Our speaker, Mr. Suhaimi Ramly receiving token of appreciation from PPD Tawau representative.

You may download the bank question here:


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