What is Kangaroo Math Competition?

Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC) is an annual international math competition for primary and secondary school students. The KMC is the largest math competition in the world with more than 6 million participants annually, from 75 countries. The contest originated from France and is administered globally by Association Kangourou sans Frontieres (AKSF). Each local contest is organized locally by a national organizer. KMC has been organized in Malaysia since 2013, by Kangaroo Math Malaysia.

This year competition will be held on 21 March 2019. Mark your date!

KMC Second Round (KMC2)

The Gold Medallists for KMC for all categories will be invited to participate in the KMC Second Round Contest (KMC2). KMC2 will be held at several centers.  

The contest will be held over a period of 2.5 hours. The paper is a mixture of MCQ and subjective problems.

KMC Second Round will be on 28th July 2019

KMC Third Round (KMC3)

The top performers from the KMC Second Round will be invited to participate in the KMC Third Round (KMC3), to be held at a centralized location in Kuala Lumpur (exact venue to be announced) for one day. The participants will follow a workshop on high-level mathematical problem solving, which culminates in a final contest. The final contest paper involves 5 subjective problems.

The KMC2 and the KMC Third Round (KMC2) are optional, invitation-only programs. Students will receive national level co-curricular marks for participating in them.



Any pre-university student studying in Malaysia is eligible to take part in the Kangaroo Math Competition. This includes students in government schools, private schools, matriculation colleges, private colleges, international schools, and home-schooled students.

Each school can send as many students as desired.

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