Competition Procedure

1. Registration

  • Only teacher / lecturer should submit the registration form
  • Register all the participants on Contest Hub System
  • Register as many as possible
  • Make payment on the System

2. Delivery & Administration

  • One week before the competition, the competition package will be sent to schools.
  • Competition package consists of the question booklet and answer sheets.
  • Once receive the package, the person in charge have to check either it is the correct package or not. If it is correct, person in charge will safe-keeps the package before the competition day. If it is a wrong package, please contact the secretariat immediately.
  • The person in charge is responsible to find a suitable venue to conduct the competition.
  • The person in charge is responsible to enforce the regulations of the competition, especially in making sure that the questions are not leaked before the competition day, and that the questions are not published online until one month after the competition day.

3. After Competition

  • The person in charge sends the answer sheets to the secretariat, latest one week after the competition day.
  • The results will be announced 3 months after the competition.


School Registration


Per Students

1 January – 1 March 2020

Individual Registration


Per Students

1 January – 1 March 2020