About Kangaroo

Kangaroo Math Competition is currently the world’s largest math competition with more than 6 million participants from 94 countries. In 2021, there were more than 44,000 participants representing over 1,800 schools from all over Malaysia.

i) School registration

– Please submit students details (Full Name, IC No, Age) & payment of fees to the teacher-in-charge (TIC). Teacher can proceed the registration through this link https://contesthub.my/register

ii) Individual Registration

– Parents are responsible for Kangaroo Math registration on behalf of their children.

Please register through Contesthub by clicking this link (https://contesthub.my/register) & complete required registration.

  • Early Bird price with 10% discount is RM31.50 (for school candidate ONLY until 30 March)
  • School Candidate is RM 35.00
  • Private Candidate is RM 50.00

Early Bird: 7th March until 30th March 2022

Normal Registration: 31st March until 29th April 2022

Individual Registration: 18th until 29th April 2022

Student from age 7 year old until 18 year old


Public School International School Age Range


Year 1 & 2 Year 1 & 2 7 & 8 years old


Year 3 & 4 Year 3 & 4 9 & 10 years old


Year 5 & 6 Year 5 & 6 11 & 12 years old


Form 1 & 2 Year 7 & 8 13 & 14 years old


Form 3 & 4 Year 9 & 10 15 & 16 years old
Student Form 5 & 6 Year 11 & 12

17 & 18 years old

  • School may choose: Offline or Online (Kindly choose ONE method only)
  • Individual Candidate: Online
  • Competition Day : 18 June 2022
  • 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM
  • Online or offline method
  • Top 10% will receive a Gold, Silver & Bronze Award
  • Next 40% will receive Honorable Mention Certificate
  • Remaining 50% will receive Certificate of Participation
  • All students will answer MCQ questions and each question will give a mark based on the table below.  ‘P’ mean Points


    Pre-Eco Eco Benjamin Cadet Junior Student
    Question 1-10 3 points each 3 points each 3 points each 3 points each 3 points each 3 points each
    Question 11-20 4 points each 4 points each 4 points each 4 points each 4 points each 4 points each
    Question 21-24 5 points each 5 points each 5 points each 5 points each
    Total Mark 70 70 90 90 90


  • The question consist 4 different language which is

    -Bahasa Melayu


    -Bahasa Cina

    -Bahasa Tamil 

Pandai (www.pandai.org) is a mobile app that sends personalized educational contents to school students. Students get daily interactive academic quizzes. Students also get sample papers to prepare for educational competitions.

For assistance, please contact Miss Surie at 018-3920204 or you may leave a message through whatsapp by click this link (http://wasap.my/60183920204/Kangaroo2021 )


You may follow our Telegram Channel for latest updates (https://t.me/OfficialKangarooMathMalaysia)


No. Early Registration is only eligible for registration through school.

No. In order to enjoy 10% discount, payment must be done before 30th March 2022, 11.59pm. If no payment is received after that period, the discounted price (RM 31.50 per participant) will be changed to the normal price (RM 35.00 per participant) in the system. You are recommended to use an Online Payment for instant approval.

No. If you have made the payment through Electronic Fund Transfer, Cash Deposit Machine, Cheque, Money Order, Postal Order or Pesanan Sekolah/Kerajaan (also known as Manual Payment), make sure to attach the payment slip in the Contesthub system before 30th March 2022, 11.59 pm. As long as no payment slip is uploaded after that period, you are still considered to have an outstanding payment and the discounted price in the invoice will be changed to the normal price.  This will cause the amount generated in the invoice and the amount you paid are not tally in the system.

No. The system will approve the Online Payment instantly and automatically change the payment status to Paid.

The payment status will be manually approved by our finance within 3 working days after the payment slip is uploaded. Please check the status after 3 working days.

To those teachers who want to enjoy a 10% discount but have a problem with the students’ details, please click on ‘Add Bulk Contestant’ button and put the number of contestants you want to register. Make the payment before 12th February 2021, 11.59 pm and you can edit the contestants’ details later.

We recommend you to make the payment for 14 students first. You can make the payment for another 6 students with a normal price.

Yes. But, they have to pay the normal price (RM 35.00 per participant)